Measurement of coordination

Beside the muscular strength, the coordinative system plays an important role for a painfree functioning of our spine as well. In this sense coordination means skillfulness and skillfulness is a powerful player to avoid falls in fast, unexpected movements (like stumbling or slipping away)

How can we know and measure, if your spinal function lacks of coordinative skills?
We get the basis information out of the physician-patient-talk, where we will talk about how former acute backpain episodes started, but also what sport you did before.
In the testresult of the assessment of the maximum strength we will look to the grade of synchronisation of the lumbar muslcefibers respectively how exactly you can reproduce a measurment.

When we stumble while jogging in the woods or slip on the ice we nearly exclusively need the small, deep spinal muscles (Mm.multifidii, Mm.rotatorii, M.transversus abdominis,..). As these muscles cannot be activated consciously but just reflectory the optimal testingmethod should take this into account.

Since about 7 years we use the MICROSWING-measuring system for this purpose. Together with the sensomotoric tool POSTUROMED it is a reproducible testtool for the activity of these small backmuscles. Linking the subjective information out of the talk and the objective values out of this test together with the maximumstrength and strength endurance values, we have all necessary facts, to create the optimum individual trainingtherapy program for you.