Measurement of maximum strength and strength endurance in the spine-stabilizing muscles

The spine-stabilizers are measured in all 3 planes from the cervical to the lumbar region by special high-tech-machines. Beside the different strengthqualities possible side-differences between the confronting bodyhalfs are calculated. The collected data are then compared with the values of healthy subjects of the same age, gender, height and weight. With this device it is possible the first time that we can objectify the muscle status of each patient, equal of what gender, age or body dimensions he/she is.

Nearly 100% of backpatients, who have been suffering from pain for more than 3 months, have more or less marked weakenings and dysbalances of the spinal stabilising muscles. This body-own muscle corset is the only influencable protection factor of our whole spine! Just these muscles allow us to stand, sit or walk without crying from pain.

The 100% individualized strengthening program shows very effective results not only regarding the intensity of pain, the frequency and duration of painepisodes per year. But further more the general level of activity and the overall quality of life can be increased significantly. One other very positive finding in the last 12 years of pain care and about 4000 painpatients having absolved the trainingtherapy: the elderly generation between 60-90 (!) years profits surprisingly well from the 12-week program with two strengthening units per week. In particular this special group aestimates the safety and the intense care during their therapeutic units.

But also in high performance or professional sportsmen/women with severe back problems we see better results than we expected in the beginning - approximately 3/4 out of these patientgroup could return back to their particular sport on the same intensity level, they trained before.