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The institute pain care is a specialised competence-center for extensive paintherapy regarding the whole movement apparatus, for medical spine-trainingtherapy and for sportsmedicine.

You are in best hands
Dr. Stengg takes sufficient time for you and works out your individual diagnostic and therapeutic plan together with you . The promising and realistic therapeutic goals can then be achieved with pain care and its internationally approved therapeutic methods.
Due to individual appointments you can save your time. At the end of every therapeutical session you get a detailed medical report for you respectively your referring physician. 

Complete Accomplishments
You will be informed about the causes, therapeutic modalities and prognosis of your health problem competently, detailed and easy understandable. 

If necessary, you get the analgesic medication, the WHO recommended in detail for different kinds and intensities of pain. Additionally you get a thorough and complete information about the expected effect, sideeffects and how you should use the medication.