Infiltration Therapy

Nearly every patient with regular spinal complaints knows of this painreducing method. If one leaves the path from the every-day-injections, one comes to a special group of different techniques, which has a well proven effect, which in a large number of cases goes beyond the eradication of the symptom pain, but can initiate a change at the basis of the problem! These special infiltrations are indicated e.g. in an acute, massive nerverootpain due to a discprolapse or in an extremely painful blockade of the iliosacraljoint, but also in a consuming, cervical facetjoint syndrome with massive pain generated by an inflammed vertebral joint .

We all should know nowadays that these techniques are state of the art in a lot of acute paindiagnosis. Unluckily in still more than 90% of patients with a disc prolapse and an acute nerveroot inflammation, the critical time passes by  just with lying in bed for an average of 2 weeks and getting infusions, which mostly don't adequately help.
The bad results with peroral or intravenous application of antiinflammatory medication are not so surprising - it happens, because the medication can't find it's way properly to the location of inflammation. This is therefore, because the high tonus in the surrounding muscles compress the vessels and even, if the medication passes it, we know that about 4-6mm around the compressed nerveroot the bloodflow is reduced significantly! These facts led the international community of pain specialists to the statement that in such conditions, where a high grade of vessel compression can be supposed, the physician should choose a direct way of administering the medication - by infiltration.

Based on more than 15 years of experience with it and more than 10 000 special infiltrations, we can guarantee that Dr. Stengg can perform most of the different infiltrations in his praxis with pain care.