Hypnosis - one of the most effectful methods to reach a deep, psychophysical relaxation state

Within the hypnotic relaxation patients can reach a deep and recreative status of relaxation.
First the therapeut will talk with you about some basic understandings of hynotic trance. Then you will define your own relaxation place, whether it is a sandy beach or a greenfield in the mountains. But it can also be a place in your fantasy, where you imagine to feel relaxed and happy.

Then you will sit on a comfortable chair and close your eyes. The therapeut in this setting could be compared with a touristguide: a nice guy speaking the foreign language and bringing you from the tropic airport to your personal beach. For this he utilizes all senses like: "You may feel the warmness of the sun on your skin, the soft wind is coming in from the ocean - when you slowly walk around barfoot on the white sandy beach, you feel the warm, fine sand between your toes, while the pleasant smell of exotic flowers and salty air fits perfectly to your feeling of inner freedom,...."
Just after the first session you get the basic information, how you can repeat this "trance-session" at home in form of selfhypnosis. In the average, it is already possible after 1-2 weeks of hometraining to experience a change in your selfawareness. Slowly you will be able, to establish a pain- or stressfree zone within your consciousness during your selfhypnosis sessions. 

To professionally create your unique inner place of relaxation (or painfreeness, energy, safety, security,...), it will need between 3-6 session with your hynotherapeut at all. He will supply you with different "tricks" respectively "tools", how to be most effective. But rather early the therapeut will lead you to the ability, to use the selfhypnosis independently from him, when- and whereever you will need it.