MedyJet Massage

The Facts

  • You lie on 330l bodywarm water dressed with comfortable suits.
  • The massage effect is done by two underwater jets, which can be adapted individually regarding location, kind, intensity and duration of massage - how you find it most relaxing! This information will then be stored on your personal chipcard. 
  • On the right photo above you can see, how many different massagestyles can be applied.

Therapeutical Effects 
  • Your whole bodymuscles will relaxe and persistant localized muscle spasms will become detoned.
  • In particular when used after the training therapy, the sour metabolic products in the muscles will be transported away faster due to the increased bloodflow. Studies showed that this fact also leads to better endeffects of the training therapy.
  • Your lymphatic system will be reactivated, which is responsible for regular water transport from the tissues back to the intravascular system.
  • The bloodflow in superficial as well as in deep muscleregions will become significantly better, what helps to solve up painful