Progressive muskelrelaxation by Jacobson - relaxation follows contraction

This internationally settled relaxation method was developed by Jacobson in the 1920ies in the US.

This successful method utilizes two automatic mechanisms - firstly it is a fact that a muscle can relax better and farer, if the same muscle is contracted softly just before the relaxation takes place. Jacobson created a scheme of bodymuscles, which most often showed soreness. The order starts with the hands, where you will have to make a fist while being conscious, how the handpalms feel in the open hand and feel now. At this point its helpful to utilize our breath - so, at the end of the contracting phase you inhale slowly for about 5 seconds - followed by a still longer exhalation interval, while you open the fists again. In the visualization be very conscious again and try to feel the difference between the fist and open hand. The contraction phase should always be shorter than the relaxation phase, because we want to establish the relaxed muscles and not vice versa. Further more the contraction should never be painful or too intense.

After the hands the therapeut continues with your arms, the head, the neck, the shoulderblade, the stomache- and the backregion, the buttocks closing with your legs and feet. 

Just 2-3 weeks after having started, you will be able to perform the exercises by yourself.